Skrova harbour reflection


Lofoten's little Hawaii, fishing community, whaling tradition, ghosts stories, art inspiration, breathtaking views

Skrova is a beautiful small island above the arctic circle, famously known as Lofoten’s little Hawaii, due to its white sandy beaches and crystal turquoise waters.

There is a very artsy atmosphere with various small outdoor exhibitions through the island and an art and photo gallery. The most famous is the tunnel photo exhibition representing 100 years of Skrova history in photos!

The views from anywhere on the island are stunning and there are plenty of walking paths to enjoy nature! Not to miss, the top of the Skrovafjellet, one of the most amazing views of the Lofoten Islands.

Once the biggest fishing village in Lofoten, Skrova has a long history connected to fishing and whaling, but also a thriving community who has been changing and adapting through times. If you would like to learn more, check out our Skrova Cultural Walk.


where is SKROVA?

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