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“Which creates or is characterized by a warm, convivial atmosphere; which creates or is characterized by well-being”

– A Norwegian Concept

Skrova Cultural Walk

We take you through local stories and history, a journey towards the past to the present life.

Skrova Flavours - 3 Course Dinner Experience

A delicious menu created and inspired by Skrova's food traditions.

kayaking skrova
Kayaking Tour in Skrova

Experience the white sandy beaches and the crystal turquoise water of Lofoten's little Hawaii!

Discover the picturesque island of Skrova on a short walking trip! We focus on the island’s culture, traditions and stories shared by the locals.

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Skrova Cultural Walk + Tapas Experience

Complete your cultural experience with a Tapas plate, inspired by Skrova food traditions

Skrova Cultural Walk + 3 Course Dinner Experience

Combine our Skrova Cultural Walk with a delicious 3 course dinner at Heimbrygga Restaurant. 

The complete Skrova Package

All inclusive package with accommodation, activities and food.


All inclusive package with accommodation, food, activities and plenty of inspiration for the leisure time.

Explore skrova

Skrova is a beautiful small island above the arctic circle known as Lofoten’s little Hawaii, due to its white sandy beaches and crystal turquoise waters.


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Skrova Packages

We help you to organize your perfect trip!

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